Our Organisation

Our organisation

We believe in innovation driven by social needs

Videotex is a place where science, society, and technology meets. We, at Videotex, understand what the company stands for and deliver the same to the customers and businesses. This is what makes Videotex the number one ODM/OEM company trusted by its customers for service excellence, employee satisfaction, and customer-based community to deliver innovative and value-driven products.

Our values

What drives us

Quality and Ethics

As ethics apply to business practices, quality applies to manufacturing. Videotex consistently works on providing the best quality products to its customers along with fairness, honesty, and transparency to its stakeholders.


Since setting up our R&D center in Shenzhen, China, in 2008 and our backward integration manufacturing unit in India, Videotex has always believed in providing innovative products to its customers. This gives us quality and innovative edge over our competitors in the market.

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to our values, customer satisfaction stands at the core of Videotex. We are hence known for providing the best quality products along with the best services.

Employee Satisfaction

Our employees are our family. Therefore, we always make sure that our employees work in a safe, healthy and ethical environment.