In-House Reliability Lab

No Room For Error

Reliability Test For Quality Control

Vibration Test Machine

With 60kg test load and 5-600 Hz vibration frequency, this test is performed to assess whether the product can handle the rigors during transportation.

      Drop Test Machine

      With drop height 400-1500 mm and maximum weight of 50 Kg, the machine drops the product from different sides and edges to check the strength/durability of external/internal packaging.

          Early Life Testing

          TVs are kept in ON mode in a heated room for multiple hours & days for rigorous testing to test the life cycle of the product in multiple conditions and detect any kind of failure in the initial stage.

              Ageing Machines

              100% PCBs got through Ageing Machines in which the Voltage Fluctuate from 90V to 300V and temperature fluctuates between 10 to 50 degrees of heat as per Indian Power and Environment conditions.

                  Simulation of Car Transport Vibration Testing Machine

                  The machine performs simulation on the products the same way it encounters during transportation in the form of bumps, collision, extrusion of items. This test helps to analyze the strength and quality of the packaging and goods to further improve the quality.

                      High Temperature and Humidity Chamber

                      This is a part of environmental control testing standards to ensure the durability of our products in high temperature and humid climate conditions.